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Construction Clean-Up

Construction projects in your home or business can lead to exciting renovations and new features. However, they also tend to leave behind huge messes. Before you move back in, hire Mr. & Mrs. GG Solutions for construction clean-up services. 

Our cleaning company works efficiently, cleaning up leftover building materials and removing debris. We’ll collect stray nails, sweep up plaster dust and any other objects that can be dangerous. Our floor cleaning service is comprehensive, and our team will make sure that the floors are safe and clear of any hazards. 

Construction can also cause minor scuffs or smudges to your walls, wood trim, and doors. Our team will wipe away any marks or dirt left behind on these surfaces. 

We often do multiple rounds of cleaning to make sure we’ve cleared away all the dust, even after it settles. By the time we’re done, the place will feel brand new, and it will be completely safe for your family!

Once your home is clean, you can relax and admire your new construction. If you enjoy having a professionally-cleaned house, you can book our regular house cleaning service to maintain the results! We strive to meet high standards with every cleaning job.